Innovation powered by...

INNOVERSATION® is the way of intrinsic innovation. It means the development of innovations by unleashing and using the company's own potential. For this purpose, the potential of the employees will be analyzed, targeted stimulated and continuously released.

INNOVERSATION® has been designed for maximum efficiency, excellent usability and a high output of ideas and innovations. It modifies the way of thinking, of acting as well the way of conversation, with a clear focus on innovation.

INNOVERSATION® is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The enhanced innovation power improves the market position of the company and creates high innovative image.

To transform from a conventional company into a high-innovative company, the following three levels have to be modified:

Dimensionen innovativer Unternehmen

INNOVERSATION® updates the foundation of the company. Thinking and strategic positioning will be redefined and the individual and collective mindset will be reconfigured. The interaction and conversation within the team, among the teams or between entire departments or company divisions becomes completely set up anew. It creates a high level of transparency and openness in corporate communications, which results in a profound understanding and confidence.

Moivation, passion and mutual goals are driving forces of INNOVERSATION®. To ensure that this highly effective fuel ignites properly, the right connections are necessary.

All three dimensions correlate with each other. Changes on only one level do not have the wanted effect.

Depending on the size (number of employees), the goals and the respective starting situation, the INNOVERSATION® process takes approx. 4 - 6 months (SME).

We recommend further training as Innoversation® Expert to stay innovative in the long-term. Potential employees will be trained and placed in appropriate strategic positions. They are a guarantee that the company will continue to develop in all three dimensions and ensure a high-level of innovation.

Innoversation® - Simply ingenious!