Become the driving force of change!

Every company, every organization can become innovative!

Thanks to INNOVERSATION® it’ s quicker and easier than you think. In our online courses we show you how it works, what you need to know and what skills you need.

Your newly acquired knowledge can then either be used as an INNOVERSATION® EXPERT (in-house) or you can advise and support companies as an INNOVERSATION® EXPERT (consultant) on their transformation into a highly innovative company.

As a qualified IE you make:

  • People happy
  • Companies innovative and sustainable
  • Companies and jobs attractive

Your newly acquired knowledge and special skills make you an important part of the company, shaping the future actively.

As an IE (consultant) you have the skills, abilities and know-how to distinguish yourself clearly from other consultants and coaches. Previous knowledge in the field of Design Thinking, Scrum, OKR and others can be excellently integrated.
In addition, the companies and you participate by using our innovation app tysiss.

The online courses are the same in both IE versions. The practical training courses differ in content and duration.


Become the driving force of change!

We are currently updating our course offer for you. The new courses will be available at the end of April.

IE Consultant

Do you want to initiate and shape the transformation of companies?


IE Inhouse

Do you want to unleash and continuously advance the innovative spirit in your company?