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Turn your company into an innovation leader in 5 steps.

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the concept of intrinsic innovation – so the development of innovations from within your company. For this purpose, the potentials of the employees are analyzed, specifically stimulated and continuously released.

The company and process structures will be adjusted accordingly so that the released potential can develop its full effect. The use of in-house experts ensures that the success of the transformation stays assured and will be further developed.

Turn your company into an innovation leader in 5 steps.

I was so happy as I got the chance to do the INNOVERSATION® EXPERT (IE) training. I never have believed that I would be able to really shape the development and future of our company

Susanne F., 36 - Recruiter

For me, INNOVERSATION® is the smartest innovation concept at present. It contains simple but brilliant solutions that have given the company a completely new, innovative spirit.

Alexander W., 48 - CEO

Here we have a very open welcome culture for new thoughts and ideas. It is always very fascinating for me to see what all these ideas can do.

Victor A., 26 - Software Developer

For years I haven't felt so good about my job. The communication in our department and also with other departments has become so much better.

Christiane S., 54 - Payroll clerk

The Challenge

Markets, technologies and the world of work are changing very rapidly. That confronts many companies with new, unknown challenges. Well-marketed methods and models are often used to set quickly visible signs.

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Reliable identification of the main fields of action through innovative analysis methods.


Professional team of experts guides and supports the entire transformation process.


Employees and companies are enabled to continue the development process independently.

For consultants

Do you already work as a consultant in companies or would you like to work as an external / in-house consultant?

As a qualified and certified INNOVERSATION® EXPERT, you initiate and shape the transformation of companies into innovation leaders.

The high efficiency and compactness of INNOVERSATION® are unique and especially suitable for SMEs.




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Become the driving force of change!

We are currently updating our course offer for you. The new courses will be available at the end of April.

IE Consultant

Do you want to initiate and shape the transformation of companies?


IE Inhouse

Do you want to unleash and continuously advance the innovative spirit in your company?



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